Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hike #1 - Quail Hill and Equestrian Trail

Hike #1 - Quail Hill and Equestrian Trail

Our first hike was pretty close to home...Irvine. Erin and I ventured out at 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon to Quail Hill Loop, the back-up hike to one the group was going to do in Laguna, but canceled due to rain. We didn't have too much time before sunset, so we decided to move(walk) as fast as we could. The loop wasn't bad, 1.8 miles, one slight hill and a clear, flat path. A trail continues across the street, adjacent to a development and on up through the higher hills. Erin and I walked it for a mile, hit the top and back to the car. Now, that hill can get your heart rate up if you keep a quick pace. The two pics with the houses are from the top.

We were able to do it an hour and a half with just a little daylight left to spare. Our next hike is supposed to be somewhere near Lake Forest(Whiting Ranch) but with the rain today, it seems we are going to do the back-up hike on the paved bike trail. Let's hope it isn't raining tomorrow morning.....

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