Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hike 9 - Holy Jim

So we are a week behind on our post, sorry about that. This past weekend, we hiked Holy Jim, a landmark here in Orange County. I think both Brent and I agreed that we were a bit disappointed with this hike. Not only did we have to park over 30 minutes away from the start of the hike, but the drive was needless to say, I (Erin) wasn't feeling great at the start. The hike its self was pretty. We hiked to a waterfall and Brent and I both pictured a beautiful waterfall, we were camera ready and all we found a stream dribbling down a rock. (See pictures below). Regardless, we did over 8 miles and I am getting stronger every week - Brent has no trouble at all!

We decided on the hike we are going to be doing for the Grand Canyon. It's called the Hermit Trail and we will be going to both Dripping and Santa Maria Springs. We are looking forward to it and are about the end of our fundraising. I am done with all of my fund raising, thank you again for all your support. However, Brent is about half way there and could really use some help (his link is on the side bar of this page). Please help spread the word!!

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  1. I totally agree that this was a bit of a disappointment...and those switchbacks at the end were just nasty.

    Too bad you missed this week, it was a good one. See you soon!