Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hike # 4 - Santa Ana Mountains

Sorry we were a little behind with this post; Brent and I were trying to spend some quality time together, especially because I am traveling so much lately. We had a great hike this week, we did just shy of 7 miles. We met down Ortega Highway, the Cleveland National Park. It was a bit further away then we thought, took about an hour for us to get there...but I would have to say, the trip was worth it! The views were priceless and this was the first true hike we have done(although we thought last week was tough - might be a trend??). There were some tough climbs and it was definitely a hike where fuel and hydration was necessary.

The hike was a little tough for me, because we are at a pretty high altitude - so about half way through the hike, the headaches came. I am not sure why altitude has such an affect on me?? Brent had no problems, he was running around taking photos, videos and just being himself. I did my best to drink a lot of water, but ran out because I actually went through my entire 2 liters of water!

Brent took a lot of photos again this week. We tried to make sure there were a lot more people in the shots this time, especially considering they are helping to make this experience great.

Thank you for the continued support. We are building our funds every day! I won't be around for the next few hikes, so it will be up to Brent to keep you all up to date!!

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