Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hike 7 - Silverado Canyon

We missed the last few hikes, Erin was traveling with work and Brent had a lot of things going we are finally back. This morning marked the 7th hike of the group. Next week we have to have picked our Grand Canyon hike. They gave us about 9 hikes to choose from ranging from really easy to very difficult. Right now we are thinking about going somewhere in the middle.

Here are some pictures from today....

We met out in Orange. The hike was 8.4 miles long and took us about 4 hours to do. Erin had some trouble on the inclines, but good thing we stayed back in the middle group, because we were able to take a lot of breaks. The first 3.5 miles was all uphill and we aren't exaggerating about that whatsoever. I am hoping the pictures do the hike justice - not only the spectacular views, but also the tough climbs. We have also lost about ten member of the group. Most of them dropped out because of the lack of support in their fundraising. Fortunately we are getting some great support from all our friends and families and we thank you for that.

Here is the group we were hiking with most of today.....

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